• 4ft. Tube Light

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    The 4 ft Tube Light with Brackets allows you to add custom LED lighting to your space wherever you need it. These energy efficient lights are long-lasting and easy to install. Just hang the brackets, snap in the light tube—horizontally or vertically—and plug it into any outlet. No need to hire an electrician.

    Have a really dark space? Connectors allow you to add more lighting with additional tubes, depending on your needs. Perfect for any space where natural light is limited.

    And there’s no need to worry about shattering lights thanks to the Tube Light’s high-impact resistant poly-carbonated lens.

    Included – (1) 4’ Tube Light, (2) Brackets, (1) 6ft Power Cord, (1) 1” Connector

    For more lighting options, check out our 2’ Tube Light, 2 ft. Connecting Cord, 6 ft. Connecting Cord and 12’ Extension Cord.


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